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Chef's specials

Beef Dishes

Pork Dishes

Lamb Dishes

Chicken Dishes

Duck Dishes

Thai Marine

Thai Panjab

No Indian curry house kit meals here. Every dish is freshly cooked to traditional Punjabi style, not just dipped in a vat of red or yellow oily gunk!"

Vegetarian Main Courses

Thairiffic Kids

"Served with noodles, rice or chunky chips"

Rice & Noodles

Side Orders

Fried Rice Dishes

"Oriental rice with egg & mixed vegetables stir fried in Chinese sauce"

Chow Mein Dishes

"Arguably the best known Chinese dish in the west stir fried noodles with beansprouts & vegetables"

Mushroom Dishes

"Stir fried mushroom & spring onion in a mouth watering Chinese sauce"

Tomato Dishes

"A perfect balancing of tomatoes, garlic & oriental flavouring the Chinese way"

Satay Dishes (Spicy)

"A classic Indo- Malaysian combination of mixed pepper & onion cooked in a spicy satay sauce"

Szechuan Dishes (Spicy)

This dish is characterised by the use of red chilli & vegetables cooked in a rich red sauce. For sweet & sour fans who prefer something slightly hotter"

Curry Dishes

A spicy blend of mushrooms & onions in a specially prepared mouth watering exotic sauce"

Chop Suey Dishes

The most Chinese of Chinese dishes. A dish that makes full use of flavourful oriental vegetables seasoned with a tasty oyster sauce"

Black Bean & Green Pepper Dishes

"A classic example of combining two flavours to produce one unique taste. Black beans & garlic produce a richly flavoured, mildly hot & faintly bitter sauce"

Pineapple Dishes

"A exotic Hong Kong favourite with mushrooms & spring onions cooked in a sweet yet tangy sauce"

Sweet & Sour Dishes

"Hong Kong style: lightly battered pieces are deep fried before being stir fried with onions, peppers & pineapple in a sweet & sour sauce "

Egg Foo Yung Dishes

Foo yung (beautiful in Chinese). Try this beautiful Chinese style omelette with beansprouts, celery, onions, mushrooms & carrots"

Cashew Nut Dishes

Stir fried with bamboo, water chestnuts & mixed peppers. Cooked in a chilli bean sauce for added zest, delicious when combined with the taste & texture of roasted cashews"

Side Dishes

Set Meals